Keeble Container Services Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you answer some of the most common queries

Where can the skips be placed?

Skips cannot be placed on the highway without a permit and correct signage and lights. Please contact us if you cannot place on private land (remember the grass verge outside your house may not be owned by you!) as we can still help you organise this. Alternatively, we may be able to organise a wait and load facility.

What access do I need to organise?

As the vehicles delivering to your house are LGV's and normally very large, please make sure that there is sufficient access to allow it in/out safely. If you are unsure, please contact us and we can provide you with the approximate dimensions required.

What can I put in it?

Skips are for general and inert waste only, no Fridges, no TV's or monitors, hazardous waste which includes paints, solvents, liquids or asbestos. For a full list of things that cannot be put in a skip please contact us.

What size do I need?

Be realistic about what you have to throw away as getting two skips can be far more expensive than one big one! All skips must be level loaded so they can be safely transported on the road.

Not all skips can cope with inert/builders waste as the vehicle may not be able to lift or transport it legally.

Is my waste Recycled?

We endeavour to make sure that at least 90% of our skips are sent to a MRF (Material's Recycling Facility) and anything that can be recovered will be sent for recycling.


How much waste does your grab lorry hold?

15 cubic metres